COIN is actively participating in the social dialogue about Internet/Screen Addiction, advocating in support of fighting a technological problem with technological tools rather than absence from technology or by limiting/restricting use of technology. Research is focused today on children and teenagers and the conclusions are very troubling with regards to their screen time but Internet Addiction is also a growing problem among adult population with even worse consequences in many cases. Not enough is done about the issue today.


COIN was among the first to experiment back in 2010 with new approaches for dealing effectively with Online Identities. Augmented Reality was used for helping school children understand how random data can manifest to the building blocks of an identity. The results were very good in projects carried out from 2010 to 2015. A main conclusion was that lists of “DO’s” and “DONT’s” don’t work because new dangers emerge every day. The solution is critical thinking. The approaches which produced results on school children should be tried also on adults with basic ICT skills who also experience difficulty understanding who random data can be dangerous.